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Indoor Church Wedding Downtown Springfield Illinois

Chloe and Zach had the dreamiest downtown wedding! The church was just minutes away from the Capital Building in Springfield, IL. and fortunately the rain stopped just in time for us to take advantage of the beautiful fountains and staircase.

Downtown Springfield is know for museums and tons of educational experiences and we visited as many as we could while we were there, as well as coffee shops and cute little brunch spots. The most memorable part of the trip was me (Courtney) face planting on the sidewalk in front of the Capital wrist and ego still hurt from that!

We shared our hotel with an Abe Lincoln convention and if you know us, you can imagine our reaction to stepping out of our hotel room to see dozens of Abe and Mary Todd's standing around. HA!

We loved traveling out of town and adding a new couple to the Wisp and Willow family.

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