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Garden of the Gods Engagement Session

When Emilie asked about Garden of the Gods for their engagement session, I was so excited. This is such a gorgeous location, but it's not one that everyone is cut out for.

The walking paths are well maintained and marked but it's still a good amount of walking and a lot of small bluffs/rocks so if walking is difficult for you or you are squeamish about heights, then this is not the session location for you.

Once you get out on the bluffs, it is full sun so you have to be able to go very late in the evening close to sunset or in the morning at sunrise. We did all of our shooting and then waited around at Camel Rock for the sun to set...Sunsets at Garden of the Gods are spectacular. Unfortunately, when the sun set here, it went behind a cloud. The view was still spectacular.

If you are looking for engagement photos that will blow you away, then book a session at Garden of the Gods. Just be prepared for extra walking and sweating!

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